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Go Girl 2, is now available for purchase in paperback and on kindle. This anthology weaves a remarkable collection of fifty-four travel tales, poems, and photos designed to inspire, educate, and entertain black women globetrotters, as well as provide vicarious thrills for the avid armchair traveler.

Recent Events for Go Girl 2:

TV Interview for KRON News in February
Launch Party at Kinfolx with friends in April
“First there was the Green Book, then there was Go Girl, the first black travel guide of the modern era. Elaine Lee is a legend who continues to inspire. The New Black Travel Movement owes everything to her and her work.”
—Faith Adiele, award-winning author of Meeting Faith; founder of VONA Travel Writing Series; Senior Editor, Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel Serv

Want to learn more about African American travel?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

By exploring you can learn about:

  • Elaine Lee: travel journalist – on air/in print/online, black travel expert, lecturer, adventurer and globetrotter
  • Go Girl: The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure – the first black travel book of the modern era. It’s an anthology that includes 52 riveting traveler’s tales by writers such as Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks and Audre Lorde.
  •  Go Girl 2 – the revised and updated version allows you to dive into stories by a new generation of travel writers while including crowd favorites from the original Go Girl book.
  • African American travel, travelers, travel tips and travel writing. The site showcases links to websites, travel clubs, lodging, trip planning as well as a “frequently asked questions” section that addresses common queries, such as solo travel, travel in Paris, Egypt, Hawaii, San Francisco/Bay Area and my favorite places.

I originally launched in 1996 to serve as the cyber home for my book, “Go Girl”, but it has since has expanded to become a “resource central” for African American travelers and travel writers.

It is my hope that this website will enlighten, inspire and empower beginning travelers/travel writers, support and encourage experienced travelers/travel writers as well as assist the travel media community in locating information, services and talent.

Awakening the global heart,

Elaine Lee, Esq.
The Wanderwoman

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Bon Voyage

Elaine, once again you move your rhythmic feet to the beat. Never stopping simply continuing to repeat. Traveling the world honoring your dance.

This time to Namibia, Ghana, Berlin, and France. You soar giving us more and more of the freedom you enjoy. Encouraging us to spread our wings and not give up on our beautiful dreams. The journey is not new just buried in our genes because of the slave scene. But that was a physical bondage for our minds have always remained free. How else did our ancestors escape slavery. Their journey up north mostly by feet gave us our legacy of non-defeat. Elaine you are living your life. Despite the worldly strife. Refusing to allow challenges to defer your dreams. Your spirituality and tenacity continues to advance us forward ‘cause this “bug gurl” has wings of courage.

Z. Capeheart

Audition video for Globetrekker TV Show

KRON Live in the Bay Interview 1/23/24

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