Travel Writing

Greetings, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao!

I am often asked the questions, “How did you become a travel writer?” or “How can I become a travel writer?”, so I decided to share the answers to those questions in this section of the website.

I have included a podcast on the subject as well as an article on how I shape shifted from travel writer to travel media professional by including travel radio and TV into my repertoire.

I have also posted and will continue to post travel stories written by me and other travel journalists.

Additionally, I publish a quarterly newsletter, which includes travel writing opportunities, contests, residencies, calls for submissions and much more. If you would like to receive it, you can sign up via the section entitled “Travel Writing Opportunities.”

With the hope of inspiring, entertaining and/or educating you, I have created this section of the website to encourage prospective traveler writers to learn more about this genre and to motivate experienced journalists to continue sharing their love for travel with the world via the written/spoken word.

Lifting as I climb,
Elaine Lee

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