• Go Girl 2! is not just a collection of stories. It’s a rich and soulful potpourri of wanderlust tales from 52 sisters whose global journeys defy the confines of traditional “vacation travel.” Their experiences instead boldly declare and embrace travel as a fundamental way of living and being – a “must have” as essential to our bodies and spirits as water and air. Lysa Allman-Baldwin – Keynote Speaker, Leadership Strategist, and Author.
  • Elaine has mastered the art of travel and spreading its gospel like few I’ve met. She skis, cycles, hikes, dances, and dives her way across the globe, and wherever she goes, her fearlessness and joie de vivre light the way.  Carol Canter, Travel Journalist  
  • Get those passports ready because Go Girl 2 has stories from Black women travelers who will take you wherever you want to go. Rochelle Robinson, Creative Writer
  • It was an honor to share in the contributor’s personal journeys and learn about the renewal and empowerment that travel provides them as well as its ability to break down barriers and arouse feelings of deep connection, comfort, and gratitude. Readers will also appreciate the book’s savvy travel tips and resource guide. Laurie McAndish King, Award-winning travel writer
  • Elaine Lee has curated a powerful and informative guide for Black women to safely and joyfully travel the world. But Go Girl 2! is also a template for someone who needs inspiration from those wiser and braver than she. Ultimately, this is a travel anthology that asks us to explore not just the unknown and sublime found around the world but also, as we do so, that within our own hearts. This book will not just expand horizons and paint luminous portraits of faraway places, but it will put an arm around your shoulder and help you get there yourself. Caroline Paul, New York Times bestselling author of Tough Broad
  • At its core, Go Girl 2 is a celebration of resilience, empowerment, and the universal spirit of adventure. As readers immerse themselves in its pages, they are invited to embark on their own journey of discovery, inspired by the stories of those who have dared to explore the world beyond their doorstep.Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an armchair adventurer, let Go Girl 2 be your guide to the wonders of the world. For within its pages lies a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered, reminding us that the spirit of adventure knows no bounds. Beth Santos, Founder and CEO of  Wanderful and author of Wander Woman.


Chicago Tribune

“Editor Elaine Lee is a go-getter with an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for adventure. Her combination of wanderlust, love of the written word and a dearth of a good literature for women of color has led to the publication of Go Girl!… the first travel anthology for African American women.

Lee has assembled a marvelous collection of stories from around the globe-from coldest Iceland to dusty Australia…. The book concludes with an inspiring piece, “Creating and Sustaining a Trip Around the World,” by Lee, about her seven-month solo adventure through eight countries in Central and Southern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. It includes valuable information on planning the route, finding the friendly faces (or simply a place to stay), setting up a home secretary and traveling alone.”

East Bay Express

“Elaine Lee has edited a wonderful new collection of travel literature!”

Los Angeles Times

“Sorry, Girl, but I’m going to blow the secret. I know you’re going like this book. And I know you;re going to feel special about it because it was done by your sisters, and done so well. It’s the kind of book that you want to pass along by word of mouth because your friends are going to get such a kick out of it and you had it first. And now, here I am blabbing about it to everyone, including guys, even white guys; to all those who say the purpose of travel is to understand.

Why? Because I’ve gained ground in the last four hours, and I haven’t traveled out of my chair. I’d been eavesdropping as Audre Lorde casually visits Virgin Gorda from her home in St. Croix only to have her tourist card stamped “no admittance.” Not with hair like that! I’ve eavesdropped as Maya Angelou resorts to a little white lie to pass herself off as an African in Africa. Only one child? Keep trying harder, sister. I’ve been eavesdropping quite a bit here…and I’ve been touched, entertained, and enlightened with 52 stories that illuminate our world far beyond geography.

Editor Elaine Lee calls this a “Black Woman’s Book.” Indeed. But it goes on my holiday gift list as a treat for others, too. Nothing fosters understanding like a few thousand miles of following closely in someone else’s footsteps, particularly if it’s a worthwhile journey. Bravo.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

“Gwendolyn Brooks writing about her trip to Russia. Alice Walker on how Bali stirred her imagination. Maya Angelou about arriving in Africa as a stranger. Go Girl! has deservedly garnered rave reviews.”

Seattle Times

“Readable and really interesting with lots of useful information.”

The Times Picayune

“The chapter titles say it all: “A Homegirl Hits Beijing,” ” A Sharecropper’s Daughter Goes to Paris,” “My Color Follows Me Wherever I Go”-It’s clear this is no run-of -the mill travelogue. Elaine Lee has rounded up 52 stories from African-American women, including Maya Angelou and Alice Walker, who recount experiences running the gamut from quietly moving to infuriating.

Sprinkled throughout are tips, bits of wisdom and shorter tales, including a hilarious story from a woman who almost set fire to a cruise ship when she tried to straighten her hair with her hair with a metal comb and a can of Sterno. Any sister who has ever feared having her hot-combed hair revert to it’s natural state on vacation will nod in recognition.”

Black Enterprise Magazine 

“The insightful and inspirational accounts span the African diaspora and beyond, and explore issue of racism abroad, the search for black roots, the joys of traveling solo and useful travel tips.”

Bay Guardian

“You’ll get an offbeat, impassioned and sophisticated examination of black women’s wider place in the world.”

Pathfinder Magazine

“You’ll get happy feet reading this book and wanderlust will strike, making you want to get up and go. When you do, make sure that “Go Girl” goes with you as a travel log…the world looks it’s best through the of her sisters who lend their pens to this exciting volume.”

Quarterly Black Review of Books

“After reading “Go Girl”, I wanted to go out see the world.”

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