Go Girl 2

Go Girl 2: The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure

 (Expanded, revised, and updated edition).

Go Girl 2 weaves a remarkable collection of fifty-four travel tales, poems, and photos designed to inspire, educate, and entertain black women globetrotters, as well as provide vicarious thrills for the avid armchair traveler.  

Go Girl 2 explores the issue of black women dealing with racism while traveling, overcoming fears, and claiming entitlement. Sprinkled throughout is useful sister-to-sister advice on everything from packing, traveling inexpensively, staying safe and healthy on the road, choosing a destination, to traveling solo, making Go Girl 2 the go-to guide for sisters on the go in the 21st century

Go Girl 2! is not just a collection of stories. It’s a rich and soulful potpourri of wanderlust tales from 52 sisters whose global journeys defy the confines of traditional “vacation travel.” Their experiences instead boldly declare and embrace travel as a fundamental way of living and being – a “must have” as essential to our bodies and spirits as water and air. .

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Go Girl 2 is available in paperback and digitally on Amazon.com.

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Part 1: “Back to Africa,” features stories of travel to the motherland. Visiting Africa is a travel experience like no other for us, the children of the diaspora. Many of us do not know how deep our African roots are until we return “home” and witness the many commonalities of food, culture, dress, sensibility, and temperament. It is often said (and I agree), “It is when you go to Africa that you get part of your soul back that you didn’t even know was missing.”

Part 2: “Sistren Travel the Diaspora,” gathers stories of travel to the places our ancestors were taken as slaves in the Western Hemisphere. The first part covers the Caribbean, South America, and Central America, and the second part covers traveling in the United States.

Part 3: “Trippin’ All over the World,” showcases stories of black women traveling the world over, from India to Indonesia to Italy, to name a few. These traveling sisters testify to the myriad destinations, styles of travel, and opportunities for adventure available to us as black women.

Part 4: “The Genesis of My Traveling Spirit,” includes stories in which the sistren share their motivation for travel, their philosophy of travel, as well as travel strategies.  It also includes a story about how to create and sustain a solo trip around the world (yes, you can do it!).

Part 5: The resource section lists afrocentric books, travel clubs, professional organizations, and other useful travel information.

Elaine has mastered the art of travel and spreading its gospel like few I’ve met. She skis, cycles, hikes, dances, and dives her way across the globe, and wherever she goes, her fearlessness and joie de vivre light the way.

Contributor Nicole Brewer cruising on the Adriatic Sea
Contributor Lisette Austin in Pontarlier, France

Stories range from “Belonging” a vivid exploration of the experience of visiting a majority black country for the first time, “Going to Ghana,” the story of a mother and daughter who travel to Africa to participate in sacred rites in a Ghanaian village; and “A Homegirl Hits Beijing,” a jaunty account of studying Mandarin and learning about oneself.

Maya Angelou tells the story of arriving in Africa a stranger but leaving claimed as a member of the Bambara tribe. Evelyn C. White writes about finding new pride in being black after visiting Egypt. Alice Walker offers a quiet meditation on how the beauty of the country stirred her imagination. Opal Palmer Adisa evokes the sights, sound, and aromas of urban Ghana where she traveled to meet her lifelong pen pal.

Whether you are traveling for escape and relaxation (“Sailing My Fantasy”), on a spiritual quest (“Red Dirt on My Feet”), in search of a mind-expanding, life-changing experience (“The Kindness of Strangers”), as a “going home,” finding one’s roots (“My First Ancestral Journey”), to find relief from racism (“Why Paris?”), to celebrate black culture (“In Search of Black Peru”), to honor black history (“The Year of Return”), to reach for understanding across cultural barriers, (“Australia Day: Celebrating Black Pride Down Under”), to help others (“An Undeferred Dream”), or to open up new possibilities in one’s own life (“Kachikally, Gambia: The Miracle Journey”), the travel experiences chronicled in Go Girl! will delight, enlighten, and inspire.

First there was the Green Book, then there was Go Girl, the first black travel guide of the modern era. Elaine Lee is a legend who continues to inspire. The New Black Travel Movement owes everything to her and her work.


Title: Go Girl 2: The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure
Editor: Elaine Lee
Publisher: Ugogurl Productions
Genre: Travel
ISBN (paperback): ‎9798871063545
Publication Date (all formats): March, 2024
Pages: 400
Size: ‎6″ x 8″

Lola Akinmade Akerstrom in Northern Sweden
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