Who is Elaine Lee?

Elaine Lee, Esq., is a globetrotter and emancipatory travel journalist. She has visited 69 countries and completed two solo trips around the world. Her website, www.ugogurl.com, is one of the leading portals of black travel information and resources.

Her travel articles and advice have appeared in numerous national and local magazines, newspapers, and webzines, such as The New York Times, O, Essence, Black Enterprise, Upscale, San Francisco Chronicle, the Indianapolis Star, Detour, the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, Uptown, Yoga Journal, The Bark, Heart and Soul, Odyssey Couleur, Prevention, Sunset, Bet.com, SoulofAmerica.com, and the Alta Journal. She has also contributed stories to eight anthologies.

Elaine has been featured on many local and national radio and TV shows. She has served as a keynote speaker, lecturer, and travel writing instructor at many national travel conferences. She coordinates an extensive international network of black travel writers for whom she has provided a free quarterly Afrocentric travel media newsletter since 2001.

Elaine is also an attorney practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in estate planning and real estate law. She is an avid swimmer, outdoor enthusiast, bibliophile, salsa dancer, stargazer, whitewater rafter, sailor, cyclist, and maintains a personal yoga and meditation practice. She also is a long-term volunteer at two Bay Area animal rescue organizations.

“Travel is the music of my soul.”

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