New travel writing course Fall 2019 at WICE in Paris

Elaine Lee was invited to teach the first ever travel writing workshop at WICE, an English speaking educational center in Paris. Shortly after announcing the workshop in August enrollment reached capacity and there was a lengthy waiting list.

On October 19th and 20th, Elaine’s “Travel Writing 101” class was enthusiastically received by the attendees. She has been invited to return next year to teach the workshop again with the possibility of teaching more sessions. Dates of the next class(es) will be posted at Wice and on this site, once they are established.

Wice = Women’s Institute for Culture and Education and Wice =Where Internationals Connect in English

WICE is an international community based in Paris that provides members a wide array of learning and volunteer opportunities centered on art, culture, languages and writing.

To read an article I wrote about this experience for the Bay Area Travel Writers’ newsletter, click here!

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