Lee was the keynote speaker at 2016 annual “Travel Professionals of Color” National Conference, a speaker at WIT 2016 and at Nomadness Travel Tribe Conference

Good news!  It was an honor, privilege and delight to serve as the keynote speaker at the 2016  “Travel Professionals of Color” National Conference and serve as a speaker at the annual WITS- 2016 Women in Travel National Summit. Both events were held near Los Angeles, CA in the spring. I was thrilled to have been a speaker at the annual Nomadness ALTERnative Travel Conference which was held in New York City on September 24, 2016.  I was apart of their African American Travel History segment entitled “Back to the Future.” The Nomadness Travel Tribe has over 12,000 members, making it the largest black travel association in the USA.

I was also the keynote speaker at the “African American Travel” Conference near Chicago on April 15, 2015. The African American Travel Conference (AATC) is an association of 2,500 travel planners.  http://www.aatconline.com

The title of my speech was the “In celebration of African American Travel: From the Slaveship to the Spaceship.” My presentation included a slideshow that featured African American travel heroes past and present. Last but not least, I showcased new and exciting trends in  African American travel. A video of the speech can be found in the TV/video section of the main page of my website.


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