Globetrotting 101 – Part 6 by Elaine Lee

Traveling Alone

I considered trying to find a travel partner but decided that it would be hard to find someone with time and money as well as interests similar to mine.

On the road, I met local people and fellow travelers, hooked up with friends, contacted friends of friends, and checked in with the members of my international hospitality exchange club.
I was never bored or lonely. If I found myself stuck in a train station or airport, there were almost always interesting folks to talk with. I always kept a book, a journal, my needlepoint kit, cassette tape player, and a small travel game to entertain myself if company was unavailable or undesired.

Traveling alone led to some very intense personal encounters. Many people feel safe sharing their innermost secrets with strangers they figure they may never meet again. I was continually amazed with the deep connections and openness I experienced with other travelers and locals during my seven-month sojourn.So while I ventured out into my odyssey solo, I was never alone for long.

PS. On my most recent trip around the world, I had had friends meet me at three of my seven countries and that worked out quite well.

Excerpt from “Go Girl! The Black Woman’s Book of Travel & Adventure.”

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