Call for Submissions 2022

I’m excited to announce that in the Spring/Summer of 2022, I’ll be releasing a revised, expanded, upleveled and evolved edition of “Go Girl: The Black Women’s Book of Travel and Adventure!” 

It will include powerful travel tales, poems and photos of travel in Africa, the African Diaspora and other places in the world. It will also include a resource and planning guide. Here’s hoping you consider contributing to the book.

Submission Guidelines: Original articles, interview opportunities, quotes, photos and/or poems focusing on African American women and travel, including but not limited to:

  • Destinations of special interest to African American women (Including but not limited to Africa and the Diaspora)
  • Travel tales (they should be told through an African American lens)
  • Early African American women travelers
  • Information for the resource guide, e.g., African American travel & sports clubs, travel tips, travel products, international fashion/ shopping locales, websites, social media links. 
  • Pros and cons of independent adventure travel versus guided group travel
  • Business travel/careers in travel industry
  • Political/academic/educational/governmental travel experiences and/or opportunities
  • Psychological/Social/Racial/Spiritual/Wellness aspects of travel
  • Photos should include a caption.

Your submission(s) should be under 2,000 words and can be sent using the form below, or emailed to as an attachment to an email or in the body of an email message.

Rights request: I will be asking for non-exclusive world rights, all languages, all editions in print and electronic format (as part of the whole book only). Permission would extend to any sublicensees. Full attribution will be given and the credit line that you specify will be printed.

Response Date: Submissions are needed by January 17, 2022.

Proposed Publication Date: Spring/Summer 2022

Renumeration: There will be a small honorarium paid for submissions used. $100 per story, $50 for a poem or sidebar and $25 for a picture or quote. Each contributor will be provided one bound copy of the book.

Go Girl overview!

I am honored and thrilled to be the editor of the first travel book for and by African American women travelers, “Go Girl, One”. It is my hope that “Go Girl Two” will also serve as a travel bible for black women of all ages to inspire, educate and entertain them as well as to provide vicarious thrills for the armchair travelers. It would be wonderful if you would consider joining me in sharing the wonder and beauty of navigating mother earth with our sistren. “To learn more about Go Girl One” visit:

A bit about me… I am globetrotter and a freelance journalist. My work has been featured in numerous national magazines and webzines and I have appeared on numerous local and national radio and TV shows.

I have visited 65 countries and completed two solo trips around the world. I am also a San Francisco/Bay Area based attorney practicing in the areas of real estate law and estate planning. I am an avid swimmer, bibliophile, dancer, stargazer, whitewater rafter, sailor, cyclist and maintains a personal yoga and meditation practice. To learn more about me, visit:

A bit about Ugogurl Productions…it is a black women owned media and publishing company founded 2002 to enlighten, inspire and empower beginning travelers/travel writers, support and encourage experienced travelers/travel writers as well as assist the travel media community in locating information, services and talent. It produces a quarterly Afro-centric travel media newsletter that is distributed to over 400 travel subscribers. 

Any questions, feel free to email me at or leave a message for me at 510-848 9528.

In the spirit of sisterhood,
Elaine Lee, an emancipatory travel journalist!

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