Bali, Indonesia

Please give me some tips on traveling to Bali.

Here are few notes!!

spent no time in Denpasar other than to fly into there. great beaches there and where a lot of the aussies hang out.

took two side trips – went to the island of lombok and went snorkeling in sulewesi

i stayed in ubud most of time

went to:

  • nearby craft villages
  • a baby’s one year old birthday party
  • went to a puppet show
  • went to some flea market
  • went for a spa/massage treatment – tub had lots of flowers in it.
  • did a bike tour
  • Rice Fields Walk.
  • Kecak Dance Performance.
  • took a Cooking Class
  • I DID NOT like it but you could Brave the Monkey Forest
  • Tegenungan Waterfall.
  • took a batik class

i found the people very friendly and welcoming, found it to be quite affordable and enjoyed the food.

I wish i had seen a religious procession.

my heart broke at all the sick homeless dogs is saw. hope they have remedied that problem.



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