“African American Roots Quest: I wondered as I wandered”.

Good news, I recently got my DNA tested by AfricanAncestry.com and I discovered that I descended from the Bamileke people of Cameroon. After getting the test results, I was actually surprised at the profound emotional impact it had on me. What a powerful source of strength, pride and dignity it gives me to know from whence I come. Before the test, I was satisfied identifying as an African American but being able to say I am an African American of Cameroonian descent – which puts a whole “nuther” spin on it. Additionally it is a wonderful gift to my family, particularly the younger generation. Of course I have added Cameroon to my list of must see places.

Below is a link to a talk i gave last month on toastmaster tv about the journey that lead me to find out my true lineage. Its called an “African American roots quest: I wondered as I wandered”.

Living courageously and victoriously,
Elaine Lee


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