Oh, Oh, Those West Indian Men! By Marianne Ilaw

“Walking past a soccer field at dusk in Barbados, clad in a black, ruffled off-the-shoulder dress with a giant hibiscus blossom tucked behind my ear. The game stopped and the players gave me a rousing round of applause.” Oh, Oh, Those West Indian Men! By Marianne Ilaw —REMEMBER THAT WICKEDLY FUNNY ROUTINE EDDIE MURPHY DID… [Keep Reading]

Why Paris? by Barbara Chase-Riboud

I have lived in Paris half my life. Fresh from university, not a Francophile, and with no knowledge of the language, I came to Paris from London for a weekend. I never did catch my plane out, and in time found myself with a husband, children, and a French family so enormous that if two… [Keep Reading]

Sunset Magazine invites Elaine Lee to join the judges panel for their new travel awards program.

Good news, I was recently invited by the editor of Sunset Magazine to join the judges panel for their new travel awards program. The Sunset Travel Awards will honor excellence and innovation in the tourism industry across the 13 Western states, British Columbia, and Alberta. The awards recognize achievement in lodging, dining, cultural tourism, outdoor… [Keep Reading]

Globetrotting 101


My love of travel was instilled by my mother who, as a child, often envisioned living and working in Africa when she grew up. She shared those dreams with me, and even though she never made it across the great waters, she traveled throughout the U.S., many times with me in tow. It wasn’t until… [Keep Reading]

Interview with Elaine Lee is in the New York Times

Noted journalist and broadcaster, Farai Chideya’s amazing article, “Traveling While Black” was showcased on the front page of the New York Times Travel Section on 1/5/14. I was proud to see that excerpts from her interview of me were prominently featured throughout her story. It was an honor and privilege to work with Ms. Chideya… [Keep Reading]

Tell My Feet – I Made It Home! by Elaine Lee

“To travel is to dance” is a traditional Bantu saying that captures the feeling that I had after recently returning from my second solo sojourn around the world. Through the orchestration of time, money and movement the journey was a wondrous adventure full of excitement, natural beauty, challenges, miracles, joy, surprises and remarkable expressions of… [Keep Reading]