Interview with Elaine Lee is in the New York Times

Noted journalist and broadcaster, Farai Chideya’s amazing article, “Traveling While Black” was showcased on the front page of the New York Times Travel Section on 1/5/14. I was proud to see that excerpts from her interview of me were prominently featured throughout her story. It was an honor and privilege to work with Ms. Chideya… [Keep Reading]

Tell My Feet – I Made It Home! by Elaine Lee

“To travel is to dance” is a traditional Bantu saying that captures the feeling that I had after recently returning from my second solo sojourn around the world. Through the orchestration of time, money and movement the journey was a wondrous adventure full of excitement, natural beauty, challenges, miracles, joy, surprises and remarkable expressions of… [Keep Reading]

Rockin’ with the Rail Rhythms: A Canandian Transcontinental Train Adventure by Elaine Lee

Longing for adventure, but leery about journeying too far from home? Seeking to experience something different, but your cash flow is abit lean? Then consider a visit to our continental cousin to the north: Canada! Foreign yet familiar, it is beautiful, exciting, safe, pristine, friendly, and you don’t have to learn a new language or… [Keep Reading]

Egypt: Body and Soul by Evelyn White

SISTERS AND BROTHERS of all races who want to experience the full force of the achievements of people of color should make a visit to Egypt a top priority. It’s impossible to believe the negative stereotypes American society perpetuates about the aspirations and abilities of blacks after seeing the great civilization the Egyptians developed centuries… [Keep Reading]

Globetrotting 101 Part 2

The Devil is in the Details Once I settled on a route, I started getting in touch with friends and friends of friends in my destinations, as well as contacts I made through cultural exchange and homestay organizations.